Heigh Chief is a young and innovative Norwegian band

They have already put their mark on the norwegian and german market as a strong live band with original songs performed with energy and high-end musicality. The songs reaches over more than one genre – in common for them all are the bands fascination and inspiration from rock, blues, jazz and americana; with artists as Paul Simon, Blake Mills and Robben Ford.

By doing great in their first festival performance in Germany, the band was asked to do a radio aired gig on DeutchlandFunk in 2015. This has again made it possible for the band to tour Germany twice a year.

In Norway the band has had great success with participation music competitions like the Notodden Bluescup, that they won in 2013. They also came second in the norwegian final of The Global Battle of the Bands in 2016. The band have the honour to play with one of Norway greatest hammondplayers – Lars Christian Narum, from time to time. He chooses to play with their band to challenge himself with their energy and musical playfulness.

With two guitarists up front, bursting with high-end cooperation and a rhythmsection that guaranteed with blow you away with power, Heigh Chief is truly a live-sensation you should come and see.

Bjørn Blix, vocals and guitar
Marcus Løvdal,  vocals and guitar
Lasse Kulsrud Nordby,  bass
Jonatan Eikum, drums